Certified Convenience: We can certify your documents

Certified Convenience: We can certify your documents

By Anthea Dryden (Group Financial Director)

Many of our clients are very surprised and extremely pleased when they realise that we, FinServe, are able to certify documentation for all our valued clients at no charge!

For example, we all know how “enjoyable” it is going through the whole FICA process… Having to organise your documents, then go to the police station where you have to first hunt for parking… then wait in line for an available commissioner of oaths…before handing over all your original documents and the copied documents again for scrutinisation… and then finally getting that stamp of approval that have just taken up your whole valuable morning

If your documentation is already on our records and has been verified with us, then we can certify and make them available for collection at your convenience! These include IDs, Trust Deeds, Company Documentation, Birth Certificates, etc.

Some basic and reasonable T&C’s apply i.e. we’re very happy to certify the necessary documents that we have on record for any transactions, applications, etc. that you need assistance with.

We’re always looking for ways that we can serve you better on your journey to Unorthodox Financial Freedom!

Certified Convenience with the FinServe Group!

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