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Independent Trustee Service

By Ilhaam Foster (Senior Trust & Will Administrator – FinServe Legal & Trust ) Independent Trustee Service – Anniversary Special In true FinServe spirit, FinServe Legal and Trust will be running an Unorthodox special from June until August!!! No need to wait for Black Friday, we’re slashing our prices right now… In anticipation of our...

Do We Get Your Vote?

  By Clinton Forlee  (Managing Director – FinServe Property) Do We Get Your Vote? The South African Property Market has been in a slump. No doubt about it. Within the property industry, the general experience has been that of properties, either For Sale or To Let, staying on the market for much longer periods than...

What is your Credit Worthiness

By Marelize Lubowski (Manager – FinServe Property) What is your credit worthiness? The importance of a clean credit record is vital for tenants. Landlords are looking closely at tenant’s credit history in these uncertain economic times. With the rising cost of living and economic uncertainty placing pressure on consumers, many landlords have side-lined their home...

Money Market Fund

By Almo Lubowski (Director – FinServe Investments) When to use a Money Market Fund? With more recent equity market fluctuations and uncertainty, money market unit trust funds have become synonymous with safe, secure and reliable investments, but there are other risks to consider and therefore it must be carefully considered under what circumstances should...

COIDA - Health & Safety

By Selina Thompson (Personal Tax & Payroll Manager – FinServe Accounting) SAFETY FIRST – ARE YOU COMPLIANT? The Compensation for Occupation Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) deadline for Return of Earnings Submission is 31 May 2019. COIDA – Health and Safety is a crucial part of any business.  No matter what type of business...

What's the News on The Repo Rate? How Does It Affect Me?

By Clinton Forlee (Managing Director – FinServe Property) The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) regulates our economy by lending money to the Commercial Banks at a set interest rate.  This interest rate is known as the Repo Rate and is also referred to as the Repurchase Rate. The Commercial Banks then lend to their clients at what is...

April Special - Estate Planning

By Ilhaam Foster (FinServe Legal & Trust │ Senior Trust & Will Administrator) What is a Will without a Plan? –  April Special At FinServe, we strongly believe in education (all be it in an unorthodox manner). Knowledge is the equivalent to wealth itself, and to lay a firm foundation based on sound information and advice,...

The Role Of A Rental Agent

By Marelize Lubowski (FinServe Property │ Manager) Rental agents assist with the tenant screening process, they can also help ensure that the landlord receives rent timeously and regularly. In cases where the property in question is for full management of the property, the rental agent will act on the instruction of the landlord and...

What Is A Will Without A Plan

By Almo Lubowski (Managing Director – FinServe Legal & Trust) We all know how important and crucial a Last Will and Testament is. If, however you still doubt its importance, I would like to share a story about a recent legal matter that I was involved in, where a fiancé was left with nothing from...

Your 2019 Financial Portfolio

By Carl Japhtes (Managing Director – FinServe Wealth Management) The sparks of the fireworks have disappeared, and we have come to terms with the reality of the start-of-yet- another- year… For some, this might be a new year with brand new exciting chapters, for others you might feel uncertain and doubtful about what...