Hosted by FinServe Education & Events, and supported by the tax specialists, financial planners and motivational speakers of other divisions under the FinServe Group, the FinServe wealth seminar epitomizes our objective to use our influence to empower (not exploit) the common man.

Unorthodox Financial Freedom Seminar

The FinServe Seminars are hosted by FinServe Education & Events, and supported by the Tax Specialists, Business Consultants and Property Specialists of all divisions under the FinServe Group. The Seminar encapsulates our objective to use our influence and expertise to empower people with invaluable knowledge and concepts that are not commonly known.

Empowering You for Financial Freedom

The FinServe Seminars will unlock your perception regarding the concept of “Wealth” and how to generate it in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner. We will show you how to use the same structures and secrets that the rich and powerful capitalise on to generate and secure their wealth.

We are confident that the information that we share will leave you hungry for more – so that you can enhance your journey towards unorthodox financial freedom.

Seminars are split into 3 closely linked sections

  • Motivation

    Motivation is a simple human requirement – although we often neglect its importance. Just like taking a bath, motivation is required daily as the positive mindset and energy it creates only lasts a limited time if not reinforced. The most successful people in the world seek constant motivation in various forms, as motivation results in perseverance, and perseverance leads to success.

  • Wealth Creation

    Wealth Creation is a natural desire, but it is not easily accessible or understood by most people.

      • What kind of life do you want to live when you retire?
      • Can you earn infinite returns on an investment, and how do you live off a Trust fund?
      • Why do so many wealthy people invest in properties, and how can you buy an asset without any money?
      • Is retirement age really 65, and how does one create a legacy for your children?
      • What is passive income and how does one create it?
      • We freely share our years of experience answering all of the above questions – and so much more.
  • Wealth Preservation

    Knowledge about Wealth Preservation is now easily accessible through the FinServe Group. We are excited to share our knowledge about the most powerful entity that has been around for decades, and is still used extensively by the super-wealthy and the super-influential → Trusts.

      • Do you need to own an Asset in order to control it?
      • How can you control everything, but own nothing – as the super-wealthy do?
      • Why is being a ‘legal vagrant’ so powerful and beneficial?
      • How do you protect your estate from Capital Gains Tax, Estate Duties & Executors Fees?
      • Learn about the strength and flexibility of Trusts, and why they are infinitely more powerful than companies in protecting wealth for many generations.

Proudly presented at our premises in Kenilworth, Cape Town, you are welcome to join us and empower yourself with this knowledge shared at our seminars.

These are the events in your life that will dramatically change your family’s future.

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