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Second Period Provisional Tax

By Selina Thompson (Payroll & Personal Tax Manager) personaltax@finservegroup.co.za Second Period Provisional Tax We are approaching the Second Period Provisional tax deadline for the 2019 financial year on Thursday, 28th February 2019 and all applicable entities need to submit by this date to avoid any unwanted penalties being issued by SARS. An individual is liable for Provisional Tax, …


Tax Directives Commission Earners

By Clinton Forlee (Group Director) Due to the erratic income of many commissions earners, it is important to obtain Tax Directives annually as a means to smooth out PAYE deductions, and thereby enhancing cashflow. Tax Directives are obtained from SARS, and must be renewed annually after the new Tax Rates are announced in the Budget …


We Are Accountants

By Clinton Forlee (Group Director) Since our expansion at the beginning of last year into Real Estate and Financial Advisory, and changing our identity from FinServe Accounting to the FinServe Group, many have forgotten that we are still accountants at heart. The expansion has dramatically enhanced our accounting and taxation knowledge, and has reinvigorated our …


Business Accounting Services

FinServe Trust & Accounting has been developing its Business Accounting division over the past several years – with incredible success! We are proud to announce that our Business Accounting division has been in full swing and that we are experienced, enthusiastic and very able to assist our clients with their Close Corporation and Private Company accounting requirements. Services in this …