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Moving Motor Vehicles To The Family Trust

By Jameel Dalvi (Group Director) The purpose of the Family Trust is to own all paid-up, risk-free assets. These include furniture, motor vehicles and certain investments (non-property). The Family Trust also represents the centre-point of a structured Last Will & Testament and Life Insurances. Unfortunately, unlike furniture which is quick and easy to transfer to …


Panama Papers

By Michael Dryden (Group Director) The recent leak of confidential information from a prominent legal firm in Panama has created quite a stir in the media and the tax fraternity. There have been many headlines that give the impression that anyone who had utilized structures in these ‘tax havens’ are in big trouble with the …


Get Your Foot into Your Own Door!!! Buying your First Home… Update!

Why waste R3,500 on rent when you can OWN for the same amount???   Mountain View Villas is a Quality Built development, with homes priced from only R329,000 – all costs included! Perfect for bachelors and young couples investing in their first home!