We Are Accountants

We Are Accountants

By Clinton Forlee (Group Director)

Since our expansion at the beginning of last year into Real Estate and Financial Advisory, and changing our identity from FinServe Accounting to the FinServe Group, many have forgotten that we are still accountants at heart.

The expansion has dramatically enhanced our accounting and taxation knowledge, and has reinvigorated our insatiable desire to find every tax loophole there is through our more intricate knowledge of other disciplines. The expansion has also allowed us additional resources in the accounting department, and therefore we continue to improve service delivery and quality of service in the accounting field.

Be sure not to forgot that we are still number-crunchers by design, and that we are here to serve you. Please take time to visit our website at www.finservegroup.co.za to learn more, or feel free to contact Clinton Forlee or Jameel Dalvi on 0860 994 094 for further information.