Your 2019 Financial Portfolio

Your 2019 Financial Portfolio

By Carl Japhtes (Managing Director – FinServe Wealth Management)

The sparks of the fireworks have disappeared, and we have come to terms with the reality of the start-of-yet- another- year… For some, this might be a new year with brand new exciting chapters, for others you might feel uncertain and doubtful about what lies ahead of you. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that FinServe Wealth Management will accompany you every step of the unknown way.

We would like to encourage you to review your financial portfolio in 2019 to ensure that you reach your financial goals.

The changes in the market lead to a dip or rise in the value of your assets and investments, thereby making your portfolio out of date, and requires you to reassess your asset allocation.
Healthy-investment-wellbeing requires regular evaluations and adjusting, we call it; preventive treatment for your financial future.

It might also be your first time wondering about retirement and what you will need to start saving to be able to maintain your standard of living.
You can probably find plenty of reasons not to save money, but letting expenses become an excuse is a big mistake. The longer you put off saving for retirement, the more it will set you back in the long run.  Most South Africans don’t save due to pressure of having to support family and believing that their income is limited by what they are currently earning. This outlook is not accurate, and we can assist you herein.  Begin 2019 with a small start, even it is just a few hundred Rands a month. A lot of people do not know enough about retirement savings industry and as a result tend to make a number of investment mistakes on their journey towards retirement. Retirement investments are effective and efficient because it offers also offers tax incentives not available to other investments, like unit trusts and endowments.

Let one of our advisers help you set up a financial goal and a plan to reach it. We can also assist by ensuring you make use of all your available tax benefits.
Call us, chat with an investment adviser, or visit us at our offices to discuss your financial goals.


Are you covered?
Have you experienced the unfortunate incident of theft or damage to your vehicle? Or have you tried to claim on your insurance but was told that you are not covered?

Does your adviser know your risk profile? Do they know your driving record, your gender, where your car is parked, or whether you have an alarm system in place? These are all factors that need to be considered to determine your risk profile and your specific needs.

Get cover for your home, buildings and valuable portable possessions that meet your specific needs. It is a known fact that Short term insurance needs change over time. Our lives change, we buy new cars, we move to bigger houses, we purchase better phones, we buy a second car, our needs to protect ourselves from loss or damage also changes. Short-term Insurance policies, caters to your changing needs, allowing cover for your assets without the long term-commitment to one house, one car or one standard of living.

Are you under-insured? Have you conducted a proper inventory of your household content to estimate the replacement value and revalue of your property during 2018?  Your policy will not necessarily pay out if your assets and valuables are not specifically covered. It is important that you keep your receipts for items purchased, to prove ownership. It is also very important to ensure you have a valuation certificate for certain items.

Why not let one of our consultants contact you to discuss the Short-term Insurance options available to you? We might be able to provide more cover for a better premium. Our expert advice and affordable insurance products can protect you when you experience unexpected loss or damage to your personal belongings. We can also assist you during a claim.

For more information kindly email or call 0860 994 094.

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