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Are your Personal Assets Protected?

Transferring your Personal Paid-Up Assets (such as household contents & vehicles) to your Family Trust is one of the easiest transactions that affords a large amount of protection to a family. As these assets are generally excluded from any tax considerations, and the assets are not registered at any institution (except vehicles), the process of transferring …


Certified Convenience: We can certify your documents

By Anthea Dryden (Group Financial Director) Many of our clients are very surprised and extremely pleased when they realise that we, FinServe, are able to certify documentation for all our valued clients at no charge! For example, we all know how “enjoyable” it is going through the whole FICA process… Having to organise your documents, then go to the police station where you have to …


Free Tax Calculator (2015/2016)

By Jameel Dalvi (Group Director) The Annual Budget Speech took place several weeks ago, and perhaps the most important element thereof is the announcement of the new South African Tax Rates which came into effect on 01 March 2015. In respect of the above, FinServe has created a Tax Calculator to include the new tax rates for the …


SARS Drawing Client Funds Without Due Process

By Michael Dryden (Group Director) Over the last several months, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has been on a relentless drive to recover any and all funds due to them by taxpayers. In so doing, SARS has taken an extremely aggressive stance by drawing the outstanding taxes directly from the taxpayer’s bank account. Although …


Get Your Foot into Your Own Door!!! Buying your First Home… Update!

Why waste R3,500 on rent when you can OWN for the same amount???   Mountain View Villas is a Quality Built development, with homes priced from only R329,000 – all costs included! Perfect for bachelors and young couples investing in their first home!