Archives - August 2018


Your Will And Your Marital Regime

By Almo Lubowski (Executive Head Legal & Trust) Does your Last Will and Testament and Marital Regime Potentially Clash? It is important, when drafting your Last Will and Testament, to take your marital regime and contract into consideration, as a poorly executed Will that clashes with one’s marital regime and contract will be overridden and …


First Period Provisional Tax

By Brendoline Richards  (Manager & Accountant) First Period Provisional Tax We are approaching the First Period Provisional tax deadline for the 2019 financial year on Friday, 31st August 2018 and all applicable entities need to submit by this date to avoid any unwanted penalties being issued by SARS. An individual is liable for Provisional Tax, should …


SARS And Your Retirement

By Carl Japhtes (Managing Director – FinServe Wealth Management) Let SARS help pay for your Retirement As Taxpayers, we are all aware that we are heading towards another round where we need to submit our Tax returns. This is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with our financial advisors to see if we are on track with …