Archives - March 2019


The Role Of A Rental Agent

By Marelize Lubowski (FinServe Property │ Manager) Rental agents assist with the tenant screening process, they can also help ensure that the landlord receives rent timeously and regularly. In cases where the property in question is for full management of the property, the rental agent will act on the instruction of the landlord and become …


What Is A Will Without A Plan

By Almo Lubowski (Managing Director – FinServe Legal & Trust) We all know how important and crucial a Last Will and Testament is. If, however you still doubt its importance, I would like to share a story about a recent legal matter that I was involved in, where a fiancé was left with nothing from her …


Your 2019 Financial Portfolio

By Carl Japhtes (Managing Director – FinServe Wealth Management) The sparks of the fireworks have disappeared, and we have come to terms with the reality of the start-of-yet- another- year… For some, this might be a new year with brand new exciting chapters, for others you might feel uncertain and doubtful about what lies …


Annual Fee Increase

By Jameel Dalvi (Managing Director – FinServe Accounting) Annual Fee Increase  No one enjoys the process of having to part with their hard earned money, especially given the state of South Africa’s economy. However as we know that such annual fee increases are used wisely in the FinServe Group of Companies and ultimately translates …