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Taking Stock & Holding Firm

By Braden Holland  (Property Investment Manager – FinServe Property) The property landscape for Investors in the buy to let space has sparked some shaken sentiment largely due to the current economic outlook. Market growth has left many Investors treading cautiously, especially coming out of 2018, which was not an encouraging year for the economy at …


FinServe Is Looking To The Future

By Clinton Forlee (Managing Director – FinServe Property) We are nearly halfway through 2019. It is so incredible how time has flown. The elections are done, our president has delivered the State of the Nation Address, and soon many will be making plans for the end of the year holidays. What is clear about …


Do We Get Your Vote?

  By Clinton Forlee  (Managing Director – FinServe Property) Do We Get Your Vote? The South African Property Market has been in a slump. No doubt about it. Within the property industry, the general experience has been that of properties, either For Sale or To Let, staying on the market for much longer periods than before. …


What is your Credit Worthiness

By Marelize Lubowski (Manager – FinServe Property) What is your credit worthiness? The importance of a clean credit record is vital for tenants. Landlords are looking closely at tenant’s credit history in these uncertain economic times. With the rising cost of living and economic uncertainty placing pressure on consumers, many landlords have side-lined their home ownership …


What’s the News on The Repo Rate? How Does It Affect Me?

By Clinton Forlee (Managing Director – FinServe Property) The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) regulates our economy by lending money to the Commercial Banks at a set interest rate.  This interest rate is known as the Repo Rate and is also referred to as the Repurchase Rate. The Commercial Banks then lend to their clients at what is known …


Your 2019 Financial Portfolio

By Carl Japhtes (Managing Director – FinServe Wealth Management) The sparks of the fireworks have disappeared, and we have come to terms with the reality of the start-of-yet- another- year… For some, this might be a new year with brand new exciting chapters, for others you might feel uncertain and doubtful about what lies …


Tax Season Closes Soon

By Ferial De Vries (Tax Manager) Tax Season Closes Soon This is a gentle reminder to all our clients and partners of the imminent Personal Tax Deadline for the 2018 Year of Assessment (01 March 2017 – 28 February 2018). Filing Season officially opened on 1 July 2018 for the 2018 Year of Assessment. SARS has shortened Filing Season for this …


Moving Motor Vehicles To The Family Trust

By Jameel Dalvi (Group Director) The purpose of the Family Trust is to own all paid-up, risk-free assets. These include furniture, motor vehicles and certain investments (non-property). The Family Trust also represents the centre-point of a structured Last Will & Testament and Life Insurances. Unfortunately, unlike furniture which is quick and easy to transfer to …


Panama Papers

By Michael Dryden (Group Director) The recent leak of confidential information from a prominent legal firm in Panama has created quite a stir in the media and the tax fraternity. There have been many headlines that give the impression that anyone who had utilized structures in these ‘tax havens’ are in big trouble with the …


Tax Directives Commission Earners

By Clinton Forlee (Group Director) Due to the erratic income of many commissions earners, it is important to obtain Tax Directives annually as a means to smooth out PAYE deductions, and thereby enhancing cashflow. Tax Directives are obtained from SARS, and must be renewed annually after the new Tax Rates are announced in the Budget …

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