All electronic communication received from FinServe affiliated companies may contain confidential information, may be subjected to legal privilege, and is intended for the use of the intended recipient only. Should you have received this communication in error, please respond to the sender or forward to,  and promptly delete the communications from all locations on your device/s.

Any dissemination, disclosure, copying, distribution or action on the contents of the email is strictly prohibited without the explicit consent of the sender. As emails and general electronic communication is an informal method of communication and subject to possible corruption, it is normally inappropriate to rely on advice contained in an email or electronic communication without obtaining written confirmation of such advice.

FinServe and its affiliate companies cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of using, relying or acting on information received via electronic means.

Additional Disclaimer for FinServe representatives that hold official capacities in other entities outside of FinServe

Notwithstanding the general disclaimer above, it must be noted that several FinServe representatives stand as a director on other companies, and as Trustee on many Trusts. These FinServe representatives could use their FinServe email address as their primary means of communication for all capacities they may hold, and therefore the contents of this email or communication could relate to their capacity as a director or trustee in a another company or trust, and not FinServe or its affiliates. Therefore, should you be uncertain about the capacity from which you have received this communication, please ensure you request official confirmation from sender.