Do We Get Your Vote?

Do We Get Your Vote?


By Clinton Forlee  (Managing Director – FinServe Property)
Do We Get Your Vote?
The South African Property Market has been in a slump. No doubt about it. Within the property industry, the general experience has been that of properties, either For Sale or To Let, staying on the market for much longer periods than before. There has also been downward pressure on Sale Prices and Rental Rates. Some agencies have even reported that beyond investors increasing Rental Rates for their tenants by less than 10% per year, some are even applying no increase, and others even a Rental Rate reduction.
This has serious repercussions for Investors, in terms of their Return on Investment, Yields and very importantly Cash flow. In these “Desperate Times” it is crucial to ensure that steps are being taken, to ensure all Financial Aspects of one’s life are taken into account, to mitigate any risks of the current state of the economy. This would include plans to better structure one’s Investment Portfolio, efforts to improve Tax Efficiency of the portfolio, Diversification for balanced investment, and also to consider Estate Planning. In short, Holistic Treatment for your Financial Future.

With the elections now behind us, the historical trend in our democratic South Africa, is that house prices continue on an upward trend. However, currently there are many other factors in play, and a market recovery may only surface later this year. So, not great news for some, but an opportunity for others who are confident in South Africa’s future and who are ready to invest.If you require assistance to start, manage, grow or structure your Property Portfolio, you are welcome to contact Clinton at or 0860 994 094 and the FinServe Property Team will gladly assist.

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