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The Heritage Of Property

By Almo Lubowski  (Managing Director – FinServe Legal & Trust) The Heritage of Property and our Heritage Day Promotion It is Heritage Day soon in South Africa so I looked up the meaning of the word heritage. In one definition I saw it means the “features belonging to the culture of a particular...

To Buy Or Not to Buy?

By Donovan Meyer  (Property Executive – FinServe Property) Property? That is the question that is currently on everyone’s mind, considering that we are in a property cycle referred to as a buyers’ market in industry terms. The answer is ………. Yes, buy now or regret later. Property prices have stabilised and even normalised to a more realistic...

Taking Stock & Holding Firm

By Braden Holland  (Property Investment Manager – FinServe Property) The property landscape for Investors in the buy to let space has sparked some shaken sentiment largely due to the current economic outlook. Market growth has left many Investors treading cautiously, especially coming out of 2018, which was not an encouraging year for the economy...

The Value Of Advice

By Lylanie Berg (Key Individual & Compliance Officer – FinServe Wealth Management) The Importance Behind Having A Financial Adviser. Most people think the reasons for having a financial adviser is to secure your wealth or meet your investment goals. This is actually inaccurate. Financial advisors provide so much wider services to individuals companies and trusts...

A Stepp in The Right Direction

By Lylanie Berg (Key Individual & Compliance Officer – FinServe Wealth Management) A Stepp In The Right Direction It is with great excitement that we would like to announce an additional service offering to our esteemed clients. After a thorough consultative process, we have decided to form an alliance with Stepp, an established...


By Enrico Cupido (Managing Director – FinServe BEE Verification) To BBBEE or not to BBBEE, that is the question! This has been the question since the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (Act 53 of 2003) was promulgated. The Act has received mixed responses and has led to many debates about its place in...

Mandela Day 2019

By Chezelle Johannes (HR – FinServe Group) MANDELA DAY 2019 – Share the Love FinServe will be taking part in another initiate, by supporting a #HappyNappyDrivehosted by St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children, for this Mandela Day. We will be going to St Joseph’s Home, on the 22nd July 2019, to Deliver all Nappies collected from the...

FinServe Is Looking To The Future

By Clinton Forlee (Managing Director – FinServe Property) We are nearly halfway through 2019. It is so incredible how time has flown. The elections are done, our president has delivered the State of the Nation Address, and soon many will be making plans for the end of the year holidays. What is clear...

Independent Trustee Service

By Ilhaam Foster (Senior Trust & Will Administrator – FinServe Legal & Trust ) Independent Trustee Service – Anniversary Special In true FinServe spirit, FinServe Legal and Trust will be running an Unorthodox special from June until August!!! No need to wait for Black Friday, we’re slashing our prices right now… In anticipation of our...

Do We Get Your Vote?

  By Clinton Forlee  (Managing Director – FinServe Property) Do We Get Your Vote? The South African Property Market has been in a slump. No doubt about it. Within the property industry, the general experience has been that of properties, either For Sale or To Let, staying on the market for much longer periods than...