Where We Started

Initially started in 2008 by Michael Dryden and Anthea Dryden, FinServe Trust & Accounting was created to empower the public through education and accounting services related to Trusts.

Who We Are

The FinServe Group of Companies is comprised of an integrated group of companies diligently servicing the needs of clients in the tax, accounting, real estate, insurance, investments and commercial law fields, including the highly specialised field of Trusts. Celebrating our 10-year anniversary in August 2018, we continue to grow through hands on innovation and professional service. As at 2018, we occupy over 1,000sqm of AAA-grade office space in Kenilworth (Cape Town), with a staff compliment of over 60 staff and several directors. We operate as a cohesive team of professionals, and as such we are often referred to as the ‘one stop shop for your financial needs’.

Our Team

FinServe Accounting | Expertise in the tax and accounting field, specialising in advanced company structures, while offering the full suite of accounting products for comfort.

FinServe Property | Expertise in the real estate field, specialising in Property as an Investment, while servicing our clients in property sales and property management.

FinServe Wealth | Expertise in the insurance and conventional investment field, specialising in holistic financial advisory.

FinServe Legal & Trust | Expertise in the legal field, specializing in Trust advisory and formations, Wills and general Commercial Contract law.

FinServe BEE Verification | Expertise in the Verification of various organizations and entities according to the established Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) codes.


The strategic direction of The FinServe Group is led by our talented group of Individuals. Each member of the management team possesses unique qualities that enhance the inherent value of our service offerings.


Anthea Dryden
FinServe Group │ Executive Director


Michael Dryden
FinServe Group │ Executive Director


Jameel Dalvi
FinServe Accounting | Managing Director

Kabelo Seboni

Kabelo Seboni
FinServe Wealth | Operations Director


Clinton Forlee
FinServe Property | Managing Director


Carl Japhtes
FinServe Wealth | Managing Director


Jody Dryden
FinServe Accounting | Director


Almo Lubowski
FinServe Legal & Trust | Managing Director

Enrico Cupido

Enrico Cupido
FinServe BEE Verification | Managing Director


All team members are actively involved in daily activities allowing them not only to plan for the future, but also to be fully aware of all activities within FinServe, so that there is constant refinement and growth at all levels of the group.


Renesha Ross
FinServe Group │ Internal Financial Coordinator


Geraldene Smith
FinServe Group │ Office Administrator | Media Communication

Chezelle Johannes

Chezelle Johannes
FinServe Group │ Human Resource Administrator

Rhiyahd Valley

Rhiyahd Valley
FinServe Group │ IT Technician


Rita Chikwana
FinServe Group │ Housekeeper


Faith Williams
FinServe Group │ Receptionist 


Nico Fourie
FinServe Group │ Specialist Business Advisor


Mishka Kalaam
FinServe Group │ Junior Debtors & Creditors Clerk 


Siphokazi Xengana
FinServe Group │ Housekeeper


Malika Abrahams
FinServe Legal & Trust │ Administrator


Lucinda Swartz
FinServe Legal & Trust │ Trust & Will Administrator


Brendoline Richards
FinServe Accounting │ Manager & Accountant


Selina Thompson
FinServe Accounting │ Personal Tax & Payroll Manager 


Trevor Lottering
FinServe Accounting │ Tax Compliance Officer


Sandhya Chavda
FinServe Accounting │ Accountant 


Byron George
FinServe Accounting │ Senior Bookkeeper


Laure Antoinette
FinServe Accounting │ Senior Bookkeeper │Portfolio Manager


Chanees De Kock
FinServe Accounting │ Senior Bookkeeper │ Portfolio Manager 


Jessica Ayo
FinServe Accounting │ Bookkeeper

Yanga Sondlo

Yanga Sondlo
FinServe Accounting │ Bookkeeper


Ashly Gallant
FinServe Accounting │ Bookkeeper

Safoorah Limbada

Safoorah Limbada
FinServe Accounting │ CLO: Tax


Mushfiqah Hendricks
FinServe Accounting │ Team Leader: CLO Companies


Remancia Martin
FinServe Accounting │ CLO: Payroll Administration


La-Shaun Wentzel
FinServe Accounting │ CLO: Trust


Bardia Vallie
FinServe Accounting │ CLO: Trust


Shariefa Rawoot
FinServe Accounting │ Team Leader: CLO Trust


Nuraan Luckan
FinServe Accounting │ CLO: Companies 


Robyn Whitaker
FinServe Wealth │ Independent Broker


Luis Rosa
FinServe Wealth │ Business Developer


Thandeka Bolitye
FinServe Wealth │ Team Leader CLO: Insurance & Wealth

Fazlien Daniels

Fazlien Daniels
FinServe Wealth │ CLO: Insurance & Wealth

Cavin Daniels

Cavin Daniels
FinServe Wealth │ Short – Term Insurance Specialist


Nadine Harry
FinServe Wealth │ Financial Advisor 


Bianca Matthews
FinServe Property │ Teamleader Property Rentals


Nophyl Allie
FinServe Property │ Property Investment Manager


Donovan Meyer
FinServe Property │ Property Executive


Beverly Peters
FinServe Property │ CLO Property Sales


Nathan Powell
FinServe Property │ Principal & Property Executive


Braden Holland
FinServe Property │ Property Investment Manager

FinServe offers key services that will support you in:

  • Building Wealth
  • Reducing Risk
  • Optimizing Estate Planning
  • Creating Opportunities

To build wealth, you need an element of freedom. This freedom comes from the ability to reduce or control your own personal and business risk – which ultimately affects your family and working environment. This opens more opportunities as now your financial assets have greater investing power at reduced risk.

FinServe helps You to create a solid foundation on which a higher quality lifestyle can be built. To do this we have developed and packaged a variety of products and services that are creatively unique, where the results are highly effective and extremely beneficial.

Why limit your financial freedom?

Why limit your financial freedom? Why do we place all our wealth at risk before we even have the opportunity to build it? And most importantly – why pay more tax than is necessary? These are the questions that FinServe has successfully solved over the last 10 years.

  • Think Different
  • Take the Unorthodox Approach
  • Become part of the FinServe Family
  • Build your own Legacy